Smokers have therefore come to the wrong place, unless they are ready to, for once, take heed of what they do to others. Also the representatives of the cigarette industry and their accomplices in the government, in parliament and in the courts are not spoken of in honeyed terms, but rather confronted with the consequences of their atrocities.

We see ourselves as a resistance movement against the cigarette Mafia and fight for the implementation of our basic rights for (smoke-) free development and for physical integrity. We want to be able to finally breathe again and no longer be forced into inhaling other people's smoke in every possible place.

In this sense, we welcome all persons who join our movement and contribute their part to coming closer to a smoke-free lifestyle.

"Because being free means being able to breathe freely and a state that does not allow its citizens to breathe freely makes its own citizens guilty of the worst violation of freedom!"
(ADOLF WISCHNATH, former lawyer in Bielefeld and associate lecturer at the FACHHOCHSCHULE DORTMUND [DORTMUND COLLEGE])

Most of the texts available here on-line can also be found FRANK WÖCKEL's book: Aktiv gegen Passivrauchen - Vorlagen zur Durchsetzung der Nichtraucherrechte auf medizinischer und juristischer Grundlage [Active against Passive Smoking - Submissions for the Implementation of Nonsmokers' Rights on Medical and Legal Grounds]. If you would prefer to read the book rather than look at a computer screen, you can attain a copy in a bookshop or at,, (free delivery), (in Switzerland).

More about the aforementioned work can be found on this web page under the link "Self-help/Book Recommendations".




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